Feliz Ano Novo!

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“There’s hope in everyone if time can be seen as a – mere – construct. It’s hard, though, because since childhood people are taught to see this construct, this edifice of time, as if it had a physical – concentre – quality. Tuesday is spoken of as if it were made of slate, deadline as if it were a wall, ‘three o’clock’ as if a chimney, a minute as if a floorboard and decade as if it were a water tank. We brick ourselves into a house of time which we then find claustrophobic. Perhaps it is precisely because this house of tamed time can become so nastily oppressive that modernity seeks wild time so avidly – demanding wild drugs, wild parties, wild living. But wild time is still everywhere – our measurements of it are not made of concrete but of convention – and we could, if we wanted, huff and puff and blow the house of clock-time down.” (Jay Griffiths)

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