Caderno de quotes de livros: A Clash of Kings

Passagens da segunda parte da saga A Song of Ice and Fire para o meu caderno de quotes de livros:

“’Hodor.’ Beaming genially, Hodor looked from one Frey to the other, oblivious to their taunting. ‘Hodor hodor?’” (p. 246)

He was going to take me home, she thought as they dug the old man’s hole. There were too many dead to bury them all, but Yoren at least must have a grave, Arya had insisted. He was going to bring me safe to Winterfell, he promised. Part of her wanted to cry. The other part wanted to kick him.” (p. 290)

“Pitty filled Catelyn’s heart. Is there any creature on earth as unfortunate as an ugly woman?” (p. 344)

“Chataya commiserated with him a moment, then excused herself and glided off. A handsome woman, Tyrion reflected as he watched her go. He had seldom seen such elegance and dignity in a whore. Though to be sure, she saw herself more as a kind of priestess. Perhaps that is the secret. It is not what we do, so much as why we do it. Somehow the thought comforted him.” (p. 450)

“’I see flowering hasn’t made you any brighter,’ said Cersei. ‘Sansa, permit me to share a bit of womanly wisdom with you on this very special day. Love is poison. A sweet poison, yes, but it will kill you all the same.’” (p. 761)

“The Lord of Casterly Rock made such an impressive figure that is was a shock when his destrier dropped a load of dung right at the base of the throne.” (p. 905)

“Tears filled Bran’s eyes. When a man was hurt you took him to the maester, but what could you do when your maester was hurt?” (p. 966)

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