Caderno de quotes de livros: A Gentleman in Moscow

Ganhei do Oleg como presente de Natal / Ano Novo, e confesso que não esperava muito: eu nunca tinha ouvido falar do autor, e a sinopse não me instigou. Mas depois de algumas dezenas de páginas, já estava apaixonada pelos personagens e pelo storytelling; este é um daqueles livros que me fazem querem escrever um livro um dia, mas daí eu penso “putz, eu nunca vou conseguir escrever nada tão bom”, e logo desisto.

Algumas passagens de “A Gentleman in Moscow”, de Amor Towles, para o meu caderno de quotes de livros:

“’Tis a funny thing, reflected the Count as he stood ready to abandon his suite. From the earliest age, we must learn to say good-bye to friends and family. We see our parentes and siblings off at the station; we visit cousins, attend schools, join the regiment; we marry, or travel abroad. It is part of the human experience that we are constantly gripping a good fellow by the shoulders and wishing him well, taking comfort from the notion that we will hear word from him soon enough.” (p. 14)

“When Emile Zhukovsky was lured to the Metropol as chef de cuisine in 1912, he was given command of a seasoned staff and a sizable kitchen. In addition, he had the most celebrated larder east of Vienna. On his spice shelves was a compendium of the world’s predilections and in his cooler a comprehensive survey of birds and beasts hanguing from hooks by their feet. As such, one might naturally leap to the conclusion that 1912 had been a perfect year in which to measure the chef’s talents. But in a period of abundance any half-wit with a spoon can please a palate. To truly test a chef’s ingenuity, one must instead look to a period of want.” (p. 26)

“Leaning forward, Nina cupped her palms against the glass and squinted. ‘If only I were there and she was here,’ she sighed. And there, thought the Count, was a suitable plaint for all mankind.” (p. 61)

“To what end, he wondered, had the Divine created the stars in heaven to fill a man with feelings of inspiration one day and insignificance the next?” (p. 125)

“’If you are ever in doubt, just remember that unlike adults, children want to be happy. So they still have the ability to take the greatest pleasure in the simplest things.’” (p. 253)

“Like a reel in which the dancers form two rows, so that one of their number can come skipping brighty down the aisle, a concern of the Count’s would present itself for his consideration, bow with a flourish, and then take its place at the end of the line so that the next concern could come dancing to the fore.” (p. 267)

“’It is one of the intrinsic limitations of being young, my dear, that you can never tell when a grand adventure has just begun.’” (p. 360)

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